Tips to Become a BETTER STUDENT! – Taglish

A lot of things comes in our mind when we heard about "Pasukan na Next Week!" Some of us instantly thinks about sorrow, death and sadness. Yung iba naman biglang maalala si crush and then suddenly magbubukas ng fb tapos gagawin nanaman ang kanyang favorite routine! TO STALK CRUSqH. Yung tipong pati lolo sa tuhod … Continue reading Tips to Become a BETTER STUDENT! – Taglish


Imperfections | Poem

Sometimes, Sometimes I call myself an Idiot; a Freak, a dull or both Wanting fairness, guide and support. Can't be perfect but not a reason to neglect, the only key to unlock, a future of mine that is a puzzle. Judgmental eyes of mine and unholy dids It built me, it unleashed me To a full … Continue reading Imperfections | Poem

How I Edit my Instagram Photos

Instagram has been one of the top ranking social media of all times. A lot of people are enhancing different moments of their lives by capturing it! Others are working on a time consuming thing called feed! Feed is what makes your Instagram unique from others. It is a composition or a constructed theme that … Continue reading How I Edit my Instagram Photos

15 Beautiful & Free Brush Fonts

Make your Photos and Art Works a lot better by using these 15 free but amazing fonts! It will add an attractiveness to your works. These fonts are Uniquely and made by Hardworking People! Disclaimer: I don't own these fonts, whatever fonts I used, it will be credited at the end of this blog! Note: … Continue reading 15 Beautiful & Free Brush Fonts

Road Trip Playlist 1

Are you planning to go on a road trip with your sqaud? Or a Fieldtrip with your class? Then I assure you the best Soundtrip will happen. Just don't forget your phone and speaker, listen to this pop and rock "Road Trip Playlist". All Rights Reserved by Nover Alama. Enjoy! Since summer is about to … Continue reading Road Trip Playlist 1

My Morning Routine as an Internet Addict

1. Waking up Late Oh, well of course if you defined an Internet Kid/ Addict you will must never forget the late night of sleeping. Not just me cause i'm sure that if you are an Internet Addict you cannot sleep early. That's part of my struggling so in results, I wake up a little late … Continue reading My Morning Routine as an Internet Addict

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Black Sunglasses

I've been a Ray-Ban Sunglasses user for almost a month now and at the same time, I'm also their fan. Their products are high quality made and so comfortable. They are giving a right customers service. By the way this blog is not sponsored. I just want to make a review about this Sunglasses. I have … Continue reading Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Black Sunglasses

My First Horse Back Riding Experience

Well first of all, this is my first blog that I'll gonna post. This is my first time to create a short story of my life. Hope you enjoy! Okay, let me tell you a great and memorable story of my life. Have you ever tried to do a Horse Back Riding ? , me … Continue reading My First Horse Back Riding Experience

A Long Journey of Mine!

So hello everyone, today I had such wonderful day. I even met so many dinosaurs and their cute little babies. We play together and we eat together. Well imagine me eating a flesh. Hmmm... Well back to reality. Those dinosaurs that I met, they were not real and even their cute little babies. Ohhh sorry … Continue reading A Long Journey of Mine!

Become Who You Are! | Poem

Become Who You Are! Things that are done; Efforts for none. aren't always needed too But all is up to you All the things we seek Things we tried to peek Is it all worth it? For the future, long before it hit Are you gonna do something? Like maybe invent new things. For you … Continue reading Become Who You Are! | Poem