Become Who You Are! | Poem

Become Who You Are!

Things that are done;
Efforts for none.
aren’t always needed too
But all is up to you

All the things we seek
Things we tried to peek
Is it all worth it?
For the future, long before it hit

Are you gonna do something?
Like maybe invent new things.
For you to reach your success,
‘Cause you know it’s your happiness.

Whatever it is, I’ll hope you see
things can be gone at count to three.
We can be lost and be found
And when we are, we’re stronger than a hound

What you believe, make things real
That is however a done deal
So I ask “why keep seeking?”
If its in front of you, stop looking

Why waste your energy?
If you know it is, truthfully
Why fight yourself?
You know that’s not good for your health.

Funny how people wanted a miracle
But when it happens, people throw it like popsicle
They say its easier with magic
Cause it saves us from all tragic

They don’t realize it’s more complicated
If however we got what we wanted
So be careful what you wish for
Cause once it happens, there’d no detour.

Credits: @butterlot
Image Source: www.


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