A Long Journey of Mine!

So hello everyone, today I had such wonderful day. I even met so many dinosaurs and their cute little babies. We play together and we eat together. Well imagine me eating a flesh. Hmmm… Well back to reality. Those dinosaurs that I met, they were not real and even their cute little babies. Ohhh sorry for being spoiler. By the way, If your interested, I’m share to you the story of The Great Survival Journey of Mine… *being sarcastic*

So lets start this story by sharing you where the amazing journey of mine takes place. You might be far from here if you are living in other country because it is from the Philippines and if you were in America and you’ll try to visit here, ohh! it will gonna take a huge risk but I am telling you : Its Worth It!


Where All of this Started

Early in the morning, I wake up late, I think it was 5:00 then. Well, the discussed time of assembly is 5;30… I taken a bath as fast as I can and I prepared my personal things. After that my Dad sent me to my school…


After that, I go in to our Service or Field Trip Bus…

Visiting a Cultural Church

Turning Back the Time!

Well, during my journey at Dino Island, I witness how knowledgeable and intelligent are people who created those Dinosaurs and Miniatures.

This place is so wonderful. It can relieve your stress. It’s kinda peaceful and perfect if you are in a hyper mood. Gigantic Dinosaurs are on fleek. Blooming flowers are flawless. For the last, appreciation off Mother Nature’s beauty is a must!

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I saw how they used the traditional way of research and I knew it because I ask our tour guide how does this fake Dinosaurs able to preserve. He said that the main cause of its long preservation is the high organic compound which is called Ethanoic Acid which can found on Vinegars. And I just remembered that vinegar is one of the traditional Research of human beings just like in Biotechnology. He also said that vinegar is famous even in ancient times, the real Taj Mahal was also made of Ethanoic Acid for it to maintain it’s heat capacity. I also learned there that the world’s longest word in English was declared in New York Herald Tribune in February 23, 1935 and the longest word in English is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico-volcanoconiosis or silicosis which is a biological form of occupational lungs disease caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust. And I believe that it is part of the modern biotechnology. I also learned that Dinosaurs can lay up to 8 eggs. Carnivore Dinosaurs eat their own babies for survival. Miniature in Clark Land or Dino Island is so amazing because it was made with cement and it fits perfectly to the miniatures. Green leaves in the “Hanging Garden’s Babylon” are rare because it was said that human bodies are the fertilizer that is used. Common flowers are flowers that are cross breeding with other kind of flowers with different genes, dominance and recessive.

All in all, being on Clark Land | Dino Island is such a great opportunity to learn many things about Research and expe-riments, and such a great way to refresh yourself and let it enjoy.

The Manila Ocean Park

I visited the Manila Ocean Park which gave me so many lessons. First, I watched a short film about Turtles. It touched my heart because I saw how easy a mother turtle abandoned her siblings while in their shells. And they are also available for adaption process which they are for sale, If you want to adopt 1 then it is equivalent to Php. 300,000 or $ 6,670 but If you ordered one basket then it is equivalent higher that for the price of one turtle. Sadly, freedom for turtles may be so short.

Symphony Evening Show

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The next one is the Symphony Evening Show which is so inspiring because the effects they take effort to have it. It also made my heart feel happy and remove my stress because they were so creative and so adorable. I was shocked when water raised high and they were organized and so amazing. I also have fun on fireworks they let us experience.

Miniature Valley

Well, in this place I saw a lot of popular places and landmarks in the world in mini sizes.

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