My First Horse Back Riding Experience

Well first of all, this is my first blog that I’ll gonna post. This is my first time to create a short story of my life. Hope you enjoy!

Okay, let me tell you a great and memorable story of my life.

Have you ever tried to do a Horse Back Riding ? , me ? Yes, Absolutely Yes!!!

Okay here is how the short story of my life goes. It’s morning and by the way it’s Wednesday then and I was so excited for our surprise family outing… I waked up as early as I can, I think I sleep at 1:00am and I waked up at 5:30am because you know, I am so excited; even in my dreams, I am still wondering where is our next family outing. That time I was answering my own incredible question which is where our next family trip and I was thinking if it’s on Bangy Jumping area or in a forest or beach.

When I waked up, I directly go to the bathroom and take a bath. I packed my things like my Camera, Phone, Tripod, Monopod, Charger, Clothes, and other stuffs. And now I go to my mom and get a water and suddenly my mom is Packing a bunch of water, emergency kit and other stuffs. I think of something that why does mom packing it, its not related to swimming and even bungy jumping.

After 15mins if packing everything, we go now on our service car and as I am looking with the road side, its so hot like no plant can ever live, it’s like savanna where every camels and tropical animals live.

After we traveled in 4hrs. We successfully get it in to our destination place… When I am observing the place, I conclude that this place is so wonderful like I was not expecting, but in the other way. I told to my self; I think I’ll gonna enjoy this trip.

Then we came out of the car and go inside of that big place and I saw a lot of horse with different heights, colors and tale. They were so attractive like when you saw them, all you wanna do is to take a picture with them.

And this is the time where my real journey is. In the first time I saw youths like me riding in the back of the horses, I told to my self… I am better that all of you are. And this is the time, the man with a cowboy’s hat came to us to guide in our horse back riding. He told us that riding at the horse back is so hard and he even told us that somebody died because of riding on the horse. When I heard that, I get my backpack and go to our car but my father stopped me and he said that it’s just 1 time experience and he said that I must remember that You Only Live Once (YOLO) so I was convinced.

They gave us some boots, cowboy hat and other cowboy’s costume. So this is it, this is really, really is it. So I am nervously go to the assigned horse for me. After I was come over beside if my horse, I touch its Mane (Horse’s Hair) and he love me doing it to him. He is super cute like a baby horse but a little more bigger.

Once me and my horse was now friend, I go up into its back and helped myself to secure before my horse will start running. And now the running was started and this horse is fast when it comes in running. My head was so tired by swaying it in hard way all time.

Our Family Outing is finished and I can explain now my experience on horse back riding and it is “FANTASTIC”.

What I learned: I learn to not expect to much and to give your best at all thing that you’ll gonna do.

I hope all of you guys like this blog!


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