Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Black Sunglasses

I’ve been a Ray-Ban Sunglasses user for almost a month now and at the same time, I’m also their fan. Their products are high quality made and so comfortable. They are giving a right customers service. By the way this blog is not sponsored. I just want to make a review about this Sunglasses. I have 5 reviews to this product. If you are interested to this product, continue watching for a further review.

Specific Product:

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Black Sunglasses Polarized Green Classic G-15

This picture is from http://www.ray-ban.com


1. Material and Durability

The material used as a frame is a Metal which gave me a perfecting and relaxing mood everytime  use it. It’s Pilot shape fits to my face, well my face is kinda round and at first I didn’t expect it to give my face a new look. I chosen the classic black colored Aviator cause I think it bounces the sunlight. The style is AWESOME! Best for fashion.

Well, I just have a small issue cause the lens protecting the case was broken specifically the closing metal button.

2. Lens Quality

The polarized lenses are the best because your eyes are so relaxed when you wear the sunglasses. It is so comfortable even if your using it in 8-10 hours or more you won’t even feel that it is in your head and that is how precisely wonderful it is.

Even if I’m directly on the sun or in the beach, I am confident of staying there cause I know that it will never let any UV rays to get in my eyes! The green lenses provides a color enhancement and contrast.I love the green lenses cause I gives me a better clarity of vision more than what I expected.

3. Available Lenses

I this specific type of Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglass, I has 9 available lenses and I assure you that you can choose perfectly what fits for you!

  1. POLARIZED Brown Classic B-15
  2. POLARIZED Blue Legend
  3. Brown Classic B-15
  4. POLARIZED Orange Classic
  5. POLARIZED Gray Classic
  6. POLARIZED Pink Legend
  7. POLARIZED Green Classic
  8. POLARIZED Green Classic G-15
  9. Green Classic G-15

4. Pricing $150-$200

Basically, Ray-Ban Aviator glasses are quite expensive for me cause I’m just a student which specifically a high school student. It’s price is worth a hundred fifty dollars ($150) to two hundred dollars ($200).

For adults, it is affordable specially if you have earnings already. It’s price is worth it cause if you used it and put it to your beautiful face, you will have an additional attraction to girls.

5. Overall Revew

This product must be one on your bucket list if you doesn’t have one YET! I recommend this Sunglasses to anyone whether you are a Teenager and Adult or a Senior Citizen!

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