My Morning Routine as an Internet Addict

1. Waking up Late

Oh, well of course if you defined an Internet Kid/ Addict you will must never forget the late night of sleeping. Not just me cause i’m sure that if you are an Internet Addict you cannot sleep early. That’s part of my struggling so in results, I wake up a little late compared to those who aren’t doing a lot of internet stuff. Based on as a 14 year old/ teenager, I must sleep atleast 8-10 hours but for me that depends. That depends on m tasks or for the schedule of the social media.

2. Getting my BAE/ my phone

Same as me, a lot of teenagers these days are nothing without their phone so meaning to say out life is in that small, little, tiny thing. By the way,my phone is not an iPhone well, I am not a rich kid but of course I live my life no matter what.

So, I open my phone and I go to Twitter and Instagram mostly.

3. Going to Twitter

Everytime I go to twitter, I would probably stalk a celebrity or tweet Good Morning *insert smile emoji* or maybe I am checking whats up on Teen Wolf. For those who doesn’t know yet, I am an ultimate fan of Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time. I also spend time on twitter by interacting with my online/ social media friends. We basically form a Group Chats.  That’s part of my morning routine. If you are interested, go check my twitter – @johnsnowbear

4. Going to Instagram

Of course! Instagram… First things first, I go to my profile and checking if I grow my followers and if not I’m gonna be sad all day long. I am checking who liked my picture and liking back! I also following back for those who are worthy of following back and not those who posts pictures of them nude or posting noting or even those who are in private. Moving on, I also go to my timeline and take a look at amazing pictures of celebrities like my one and only bae Gigi Hadid. After being updated on celebs, I will finally go to VSCO cam to check my feed and what to post that morning.

4. Going to Bathroom

Finally, I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I am going to the bathroom in the morning if I wanted to. I am brushing my teeth if I’m actually in that kind of mood. I usually rinsin my face with a soap and I’m done. As you can see, I am that lazy kind of person. Well at least it’s not usual.

5. Preparing my Breakfast

Personally, I am arranging my breakfast if I am at the mood, well if I feel like my breakfast is kinda looking good, I would prefer to take a picture of it. That’s rear for me. Usually, I don’t eat my breakfast. Also, I don’t take amazing flat lay photos so It is rear for me to do it.  20160531710004674
6. Going to Y0utube and Netflix

I am addicted to Youtubers and their Youtube videos. So of my favorite Youtubers are Thatcher Joe,  Caspar Lee, Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings, Connor Franta, Marcus Butler etc. I watch anything in there, sometimes tutorials and challenges.

I also go to Netflix to watch my favorite TV Shows and a lot more.


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