How I Edit my Instagram Photos

Instagram has been one of the top ranking social media of all times. A lot of people are enhancing different moments of their lives by capturing it! Others are working on a time consuming thing called feed! Feed is what makes your Instagram unique from others. It is a composition or a constructed theme that makes your instagram a mini collage portfolio. It helps you drag followers and likers or maybe a fan! Of course you can’t have a feed if you don’t work hard for it. Well to have a feed, you can also edit your picture as attractive as you want. 

By the way, this blog post is a highly requested one. For some of you who don’t know what type of feed I have, well it’s a bluish vibrant and some sort summer tones! Well, even I don’t know what It’s called. lol 😂… But I love to call it “Blue Guacamole.” If you don’t mind, I am inviting you to FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM! Comment there or DM me and say that you came here and so that I won’t hesitate to follow you back!

Before I start, I just wanted to say that I use VSCO CAM. Well, I am pretty much sure that you are already familiar what that thing is, ’cause it is the most famous instagram photo editor and most ideal one. I also use Facetune, more specifically the patch tool! Fun Fact: I don’t use facetume for my face instead I am using it for patch tool.

Okay, I know exactly what your thinking right now. *Ok, just start with the tutorial… your so talkative!!!*

By the way, all pics that I am going to use are all mine. 



1. Filter

There are a lot of filters on VSCOcam and I bought some of it.Well, I only use one filter on all of my pictures. C1 is the filter. C1 is so vibrant and tropical that’s why I chose it! I adjust it’s opacity depends on the photo. Mostly I do it +12 or +11.


2. Adjustments

I add adjustments depends on what the photo needs. Usually, I copy and pastes the adjustments on VSCO. “my secret has finally revealed😂😂😂” Well, In all of my photos I am adjusting the Contrast, the Sharpen/ Details, the Saturation, the Highlight Save, the Shadow Save, the Temperature and last but not the least, the Skin Tone. All pictures have different style and perspective so it’s up to you on how you’ll give every one of them their best chances.

A. Contrast


Most of the time, I am toying around with Contrast. Well, contrast gives your photo a difference in luminance or color. In Black and White Photos, it adds deep black and glowing whites. Also, if you notice contrast lets your visual perception differ in color and brightness of any photos. I adjust the contrast mostly in +1 or +2 depends on how the photo will turn out and in this case, it looks better on +1.

B. Sharpen


I use the sharpen to give emphasis to those geometric or symetric lines. I use it to give an extra high quality effect to my photos. Sometimes, when the photo has so much natural blurriness on it, I use sharpen to embose those tiny details that turns out to be like a sky. I usually do +1 to sharpen if the photo seems to look good with it.

C. Saturation


Saturation or hue for me is the level of vibrancy and negativity of a photo. Since my feed is like a tropical bluish vibrant etc. I higher the level of saturation of each of my photos for the colors to pop perfectly and to have the eye catching effect on it! *tip: if you’re going to add saturation to your photos, make sure that it’s all the same. If you go to +3 make sure all photos on your feed has that the same level of saturation to match perfectly👌!

D. Highlights Save

Highlights save for me is all about lessening the whites and replacing it to more vibrant light colors. I am adding +12 on every single one my photos  to give it an astonishing look. For example, if you go to the beach or you go outside on summertime; you won’t be able to see super white objects cause the sun is reflecting it so meaning to say, the sun is giving a different saturated color instead of white.

E. Shadow Save


Well, I guess I already know what you are thinking about. Yeah! I am adding +12 on Shadow Save Tool. I guess you are thinking if I am joking cause I just heightened the adjustment of Highlights save and now I am doing it exactly at Shadow save. hahahah. lol. You are probably murmuring to your mind this question: *is he nuts???* *what is wrong with him..* *he is acutually serious?!* Well, I am serious about it. Believe it or not, it adds a tumblr effects to my photos. Basically, I do +12 on all of my photos which means, It was one of the most important one!

F. Temperature


Yes! temperature is the key. If you wanted to have a feed like mine or likely the same like mine, you must know that I higher the temperature, not a lot but I do. Same with summer tropical feeds, I keep in mind that feed is what people alway see in the first place, but not because I care about feed doesn’t mean I don’t care about what each photos would turn out. That is why I wanted a sunny effect on each of my photos to represent that each and everyone of them shines from within!

G. Skin Tone


I usually don’t use skin tone but in this case, I am afraid I will. Skin tones don’t actually make my feed amazing and cool but in this photo, I needed to add skin tone cause I have my skin taken in there. And also the watermelon will turn so red. I don’t want that to my photos. When I use skin tone, I add +6 on it. It is constant.

This are the changes after adding the filter and adjustments.



3. Crop, Resize and Straighten

I have changed my way of posting pictures into all squares. I think it’s pretty awesome though. Squares has been trending for a long time now because of instagram and I just want to bring back the old style. Well, I crop pictures in any application. Resing picures are very rare to me since I take 50 photos in same subject so I can pretty much choose one perfect from those 50. I use Straighten tool on Instagram cause it is so lit! If my feed wasn’t just started from VSCO Cam, I would’ve use Instagram editor now!!!!




4. Patching tool!

If you are wondering what Patching tool is, it is a obviosly a tool which helps you to cover things in your photos the seems distracting. for example you have a photo of a building and suddenly there is a small brunch that became a photo boomer, then you can easily fix it with the Patching tool! Unfortunately, VSCO CAM, neither the Instagram editor doen’t support this feature. What I use is Facetune. Facetune is basically an app that allows you to personalize your selfie and helps you to become more beauiful just by a simple editing steps. Also, Facetune is pretty much expensive so if you don’t want to have that you can discover some alternatives on your Appstore or Playstore!


5. Done!

That’s all! After, editing… I am supposed to post it to Instagram! Thank you for reading this week’s blog! hope you enjoyed it!!!

Comment down below what post you want to see for the next blog post!

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